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MINIREP1pgEvery once in a while RepMan is going to bang out a short and sweet post on a current and/or pressing issue.  Herewith be the first:

Camille’s Last Stand

Camille Cosby’s slamming the media coverage against her hubby violated two fundamental image and reputation principles:

1.)        Do not do anything to create a new news cycle in the midst of a major crisis.

2.)        Never pick a fight with the media.

If she had issued her statement when the crisis initially broke it would have been folded in alongside the main news story and, perhaps, afforded little more than sidebar status. Instead, it’s now front page news.

And chiding the media to “dig more deeply” is akin to tossing rocks at a hornet’s nest. The Fourth Estate is ever vigilant, and always on the prowl to investigate, and uncover, the latest salacious story. To egg them on in the manner Mrs. Cosby has, matches Custer’s decision to attack a Sioux Indian village along the Little Big Horn River. In both cases, the fights were picked against the wrong enemy and at the wrong time.

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