A day late and a dollar short

NBC’s announcement that they’d suspend Brian Williams for six months without pay took too long and did too little.

brian-williams-ISISWilliams will never be able to regain his shattered trust and reputation as a news anchor. Never.

And, six months won’t change a thing. Sure, it will remove the crisis from the lead online and offline gossip story of the day. But, the crisis will rise again like a Phoenix when the suspension ends and speculation begins about Brian’s return.

NBC should have severed all ties and moved on with Lester Holt in the anchor’s seat. Period.

As for Brian, he has multiple options for the future:

– the speaking circuit.
– the academic track.
– earning millions with an autobiography.
– creating his own trust and ethics center so others can learn from his mistake
– or, he can do nothing at all.

This six-month Twilight Zone period does nothing to help NBC or Williams repair the damage. It’s time to deep six the Dapper Dan of the night time news circuit and let everyone move on.

6 thoughts on “A day late and a dollar short

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  2. It’s alleged he also claimed, in 2007, to have taken fire from Hezbollah. You know we’re kind of ignoring the obvious solution here. Since Williams seems to long so for enemy fire why don’t we give him a rifle and send him downrange, that could solve all our problems and establish an excellent precedent for other media.