Ted Jenkins’ recent blog on wsj.com posed a fascinating idea that, unfortunately, makes very little sense. He says the very best gift to give a newborn is his or her own domain name and Twitter handle !?!?!

blackberryJenkins argues that, like their parents do today, children will one day need to establish their personal brand identity. And, if the parents of Tiny Tony buy www.tinytony.com and a Twitter handle such as @TinyTony, the little tyke will be set for life, says Jenkins. That’s because, if Tony happens to become a Hollywood movie star, sports sensation or billionaire businessman, he won’t have to pay big bucks to someone who has already claimed it.

While Jenkins is clearly thinking ahead, he’s not looking at the big picture. We’ve seen countless digital tools and social media destinations wax and wane in popularity in just the past five years alone. It boggles the mind to think what sort of online environment might face Tiny Tony when he sets forth to conquer the world. The odds are good that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and their ilk will be long gone (having been replaced by faster, cooler experiences). And, Tony’s parents would be stuck paying the monthly domain fees in perpetuity. As one Journal reader quipped, “Buying a domain name for your child today would be like my dad buying me a CB radio when I was a kid.”

On a related subject, should you believe Tiny Tony, Toni or Tammy deserve their own domain names now, be sure to create a fairly complex password that can’t easily be breached. The best password advice I’ve heard comes from the infamous Edward Snowden, who recently explained his thinking in this whimsical, PG-13 rated clip from the John Oliver Show.

I’ll bet Snowdon would approve of TinyTonyTugsaTiger. I’d like to see a hacker crack that password.

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