Going your way (if your way is straight to hell)

New Jersey Transit is to public transportation as Bernie Madoff was to safe investing. Poisonous, rapacious and uncaring. And, that’s on a good day.

sink.You see, the powers that be have just made a few, new decisions that would be laugh out loud funny if they weren’t so sad. Check out this article.

Raising fares while cutting service AND rewarding bureaucratic, do nothing executives with pay raises at a time when the overall experience rivals that of United Airlines on a bad day should be made a capital offense.

Would that NJT officials could be thrown into adjoining cells with Madoff. After all, they’re ripping off just as many people as Bernie did in his heyday.

If they were incarcerated, I’d love to see NJTs bigwigs forced to use the same type of Third World restrooms as they feature on their trains. Now, that would be justice. It would also be the (fitting) way to go.

And a tip o’ RepMan’s fedora to Ken Jacobs for suggesting this post.

One thought on “Going your way (if your way is straight to hell)

  1. Steve, I knew the news from NJT would raise your hackles. However, I understand that the PR folks there saw your post, and in our mutual honor, henceforth, all conductors will be outfitted in RepMan fedoras!