Telling it like it is

MaaarsJamDid you know that more and more start-ups are choosing company names that explain what product or service they provide? According to Adweek the trend is occurring because, in this information overloaded, 24×7 world in which we live, one does not want to force target audiences to research what your bizarrely named company does. In fact, that 10 extra seconds could quite possibly cost you a prospective client or investor.

The names of today’s start-ups are direct, and to the point:
– Rent the Runway
– Dropbox
– Viewlift

Compare those to a few of Adweek’s 10 dumbest start-up names ever, including:
– Fwix

Note that most, if not all, of these wacko names were created during the heyday of the dotcom.
And, speaking of wacko dotcom names, I have three of my own to tack on to Adweek’s list (Note: we represented all three):
– Edgix
– Hypernix
– Pretzel Logic

How about you? Any memorable dotcom names you’d like to add to the list? Or, how about current start-up names that really nail what the organization does? It might be fun and instructive to compare and contrast. Or not.

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