Another one bites the dust

nphys1312-i1Did you know that J. P. Morgan just eliminated voice mail service on the phones of two-thirds of its global workforce?

Did you also know that Coca-Cola has made voice mail optional for each and every employee?

These moves make perfect sense considering:

1.) The overall cost savings will be massive

2.) Who in hell even receives voice mails anymore?

3.) Does anyone at all enjoy the hassle of retrieving voice mails?

I’m guessing that, as we become even more obsessed with our mobile devices, land lines will soon follow voice mail, faxes and the overhead projector on the scrap heap of discarded technologies.

I’m not at all shocked to read about the J. P. Morgan and Coke moves, I’m only surprised it took their financial and technology whizzes this long to pull the plug.

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