Cleveland can’t kick, throw, bat or jump

baby-with-glove1Has the world been treating you badly? Did your significant other just send a text ending the relationship (and adding it was her fault, not yours)? Is a newly-won client surreptitiously interviewing other firms behind your back?

Relax. Things could be far, far worse. You could be a Cleveland sports fan.

The Cavaliers recent run on the NBA title notwithstanding, Cleveland’s various sports teams have gone 147 seasons without winning a professional sports title. Yes, Virginia, It’s been a full half-century since the Browns captured the NFL title.

To put that yawning gap in perspective, the last time a Cleveland team claimed a championship, LBJ was entering his first year in the White House, the Beatles had just burst upon the American consciousness and Ed Moed was still in God’s pocket.

According to a New York Times analysis¬†Cleveland’s record of ineptness far surpasses such other contenders as:

– Atlanta (70 seasons without a title)
– Buffalo (101 seasons)
– Minneapolis (87 seasons)

So kick back and chill the next time you experience a serious setback. You could be living in Cleveland and still waiting to celebrate just one bloody championship.

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