Is atheism the new black?

Did you know more than 20 percent of Americans are atheists? Did you know that 40 percent of Millennials consider themselves atheists or agnostic? Or that more than half of Americans polled said they wouldn’t support a presidential candidate who was atheist?

According to a New York Times article, atheism is a growing factor in American politics but, for obvious reasons, lacks any real political power.

That’s because, until lately, they really haven’t had a cause to rally around.

But, now, in reaction to the ever increasing numbers of politicians who co-mingle their strong religious beliefs with the issues of the day, atheists are waking up.

Labeling themselves The Secular Liberation Movement, more and more atheists are battling traditional Christians and Christian candidates over such thorny issues as same sex marriage and abortion.

They’ve even taken a page out of the Evangelical Christian playbook by gathering on Sundays to hear speeches, sing songs, listen to a band and share coffee afterwards. Shades of Billy Graham!

I have no idea whether atheists will, in fact, finally get their act together and become a viable movement. But, it strikes me that if four out of 10 Millennials don’t believe in God, both political parties might want to re-think their long-term strategies. Atheism may one day soon be seen as the new black.

2 thoughts on “Is atheism the new black?

  1. In their polling and analysis piece, “Faith on the Hill,” the Pew Research Center reports the number of Congress members that identify as Christian in 2015 at 91.8%. It will be interesting to see if there is a shift in the next several elections. I think it will take a while for that needle to move.