My extra special favorite boy

steve and chris for Jun 12 blog

Random people will often stop me on the streets of NYC and, after begging for money, will ask, “Hey, Steve, what was the single best moment of your life?”

I smile and say, “That’s easy. It was watching my son, Chris, being born.” It was the highest of highs and an endorphin rush I’ve yet to match (Note: watching my daughter, Catharine, being born three years later runs a close second).

From day one, Chris and I established an amazing bond. Right or wrong, he quickly became not only my son, but my best friend. In fact, Chris would delight in telling anyone and everyone he was my extra special favorite boy.

Chris is being married this Sunday to his soulmate of many years, Olivia “O.P.” Porcello. And, he’s asked me to be his best man. How cool is that?

I’m still framing my remarks, but you can bet your wedding bouquet I’ll find a way to weave-in the extra special favorite boy descriptor. That’s because he was, is and will always be just that. Enjoy the day, Chris.

16 thoughts on “My extra special favorite boy

  1. Great writing Steve, and congratulations Chris. Hope it was a wonderful day.

  2. How very cool. You’re a lucky man, Rep. My best to Chris on this big weekend for him and his wife. And to you and Ang …for gaining another daughter.

  3. Congratulations, RepMan, to you, Chris and the whole Cody family. And Olivia will be a wonderful addition to the clan.

  4. How exciting! Congratulations to Chris! I’m sure it will be a great weekend for all the Codys!