A very classy move

Secret Weapon Marketing Letter

It’s no secret that we live in a trash-talking, backstabbing, what’s in it for me society. From The Donald and Jerry Springer to the average NFL player and Hollywood starlet, the public discourse abounds in mudslinging, muckraking and meanness.

All of which makes a recent advertisement from an agency called Secret Weapon Marketing unique and laudable.

The ad is a variation on the legendary “Dear John” letter (Note to Millennials: Suggest you reference Wikipedia for a definition).

Entitled “Goodbye Jack,” the ad is an open letter from Secret Weapon’s CEO to his now former client of 20 years, Jack in the Box.

The text is brilliant. It not only points out the many successes of the relationship, but reminisces about extra special moments. It’s also refreshing in oh-so-many ways:

  • It demonstrates class at a moment in time when the average agency CEO would be bitching
  • It personalizes what was a purely business relationship (thereby shining the light on what must be a very special culture at Secret Weapon)
  • By listing the 20-year campaign’s multiple successes, the ad subtly, but credibly, alerts Jack in the Box competitors that Secret Weapon can, in fact, be their secret weapon for success

I applaud Rick Sittig, SW’s founder and creative director, for taking the high road (however diabolically clever the strategy may have been).

I also wonder if anyone from Jack in the Box will respond in kind by publicly thanking SW? Nah. That would be akin to Megyn Kelly running an ad in The Wall Street Journal thanking Trump for elevating her status from talking head to semi-serious reporter.

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