Hillary’s downward spiral


If I were a betting man, I’d guess the very same people who are advising New Jersey Transit are counseling Hillary Clinton as she continues to not only avoid discussing the 30,000 missing e-mails from her personal account, but makes light of the entire subject.

I can think of other high-profile types who either ignored a crisis, denied it ever happened or, like Hillary, made light of it (Think: Lance Armstrong, that Lululemon nut job of a CEO, Jeff Skilling, Barry Bonds, Dennis Kozlowski, etc.).

Hillary’s 30,000 missing e-mails are the modern day equivalent of Rosemary Woods and her “accidentally” erasing 18-plus minutes of President Nixon’s White House recordings (note to Millennials: Google “Watergate” for more details).

In my mind, Hillary’s already destroyed her chances of returning to the Oval Office.

Had she come clean on Day One, admitted the mistake, turned over the e-mails, etc., she’d still have a shot in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Alas, as is the case with NJT and their daily delays and cancellations, Hillary neither apologized nor provided an explanation. Instead, with her snide Snapchat quip, Hill reinforced a perception that, deep down, she carries a serious chip on her shoulder.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Secretary Clinton’s self-immolation is the frightening prospect of a Trump-Biden showdown in 2016. That’s when I start seriously considering Canadian citizenship.

Until then, keep on sending in the clowns.

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