Bye-Bye-Cubbies (and lots of other cool baseball stuff)

So, the poor Chicago Cubs once again went down in flames, and will once again have to wait yet another year to end the 107-year-old jinx that’s prevented them from winning a World Series.

RepTV co-hosts, Paul Merchan and Steve Cody, had the opportunity to talk about the Cubbies with Dr. Baseball himself, Wayne McDonald, the Academic Chair of Sports Management at NYU. Aside from the lackluster Cubs, we touched on subjects ranging from A-Rod’s image rehabilitation and the continued lack of black ballplayers in the Bigs to the white hot Mets and their plethora of young pitchers who can toss fastballs at 95 miles per hour (and up).

So, batter up. Hopefully, (unlike the Cubs) you’ll actually hit something.

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