The British take on American Politics

8_262015_b3-thom-political-r8201I don’t think anyone would disagree this year’s race for the presidency is far and away the most bizarre (and entertaining) in American history.

Recognizing a story angle when I see one, I decided to capitalize on my trip to London last week and ask my Flagship/Peppercomm colleagues their views on our lunacy. (A note of caution: Tea Party supporters may not want to read any further.)

Here is a summary of their answers to my questions:

1.) Who would you like to see become America’s next president?

– Hillary. She has the dignity, intelligence and b*lls to do what is right for the U. S. and the world.

– Amongst the current crop, I’d be forced to go with Hillary but she’s too entrenched, untrustworthy and Machiavellian. I’d rather see someone like Elon Musk, who has the get-up-and-go, the grand vision and motivating spark needed to succeed in the modern world. I’d pair him with Oprah Winfrey, a woman who possesses deep emotional intelligence.

-I’d either go with Hillary (the devil you know) or Bernie Sanders (just because he seems less like a politician and more of a genuine person). The only credible Republican candidate is Carly Fiorina, whose gotten her gains by being damn good at what she does without going bankrupt or being a raging bible-thumping fascist.

2.) What about Donald Trump? What does the average Brit think of him?

– Allowing this buffoon anywhere near a position of power in civil society should amount to a hate crime. He is the personification of everything negative the rest of the world views about America.

– As long as he never has any power or authority, we think he’s very funny.

– We think he is a strange, inappropriate and very, very rich man who may freaking win! That would be terrible on a global scale and an error of epic proportions. Or, as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman: “Big mistake. Huge.”

3.) What about Obama? Has he helped or hurt America’s image globally?

– He’s the most globally-loved American president since JFK. His deficit lowering, health care loving, NRA-defying, Iraq war-ending legacy is seen as amazing by the rest of the world.
– I see the sniping about ObamaCare as carping from the wealthy and self-interested. He’s a spectacular symbol of a multi-racial tolerant society. The parents of black kids moving into self-awareness must now see that the sky’s the limit.

4.) Finally, are America’s best days behind her?

– Not at all. But things will have to get worse before they get better. Something will have to shake America to its very core in order to turn things around.

– America’s reluctant attitude to immigration is economic madness. The U.S. needs to attract more, younger and educated people in order to compete with China and India. Population MATTERS. Why on earth wouldn’t you want more eager and ambitious people to power your economy?

Note: The views expressed in this column reflect neither those of  RepMan nor Peppercomm.

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