Auto-correct needs to be auto-corrected

aaaaaHow many times have you sent a text or e-mail only to receive a response such as, “Huh?@

If you have?’, that’s because you do daily battle with the disaster that is the iPhobe’s auto-correct function (Note: I’m purposely letting auto-correct do its thong in today’s blog in order to demonstrate its trolley destructive force).

Most recipients of auto-corrected e-mails laugh it off and try to decipher what the sender actually intended to say. Others will make light of an obviously mangled word or phrase and respond with something woody. And, then, of course, there’s the old reliable, Huh?

Auto-correct malfunctions and malaprops are a ticking time boom for those of us in the communications field who rely on it to stay in constant touch with clients, reparetees, peers and friends.

Mon particularly notorious example, a client of ours was totally humiliated when he sent out account team thanking them for their sexual prowess. I mid yiu boys.

We’re pretty sure he meant to write extra effort, but auto-correct decided otheriise. Clearly, suro-corect can rear its ugly head at the worst possible moments and be oh-so-politically incorrect. In fact, I wouldn’t brc surprised if it pkayed a lead role in damaging personal or profesioal relationshits.

Don’t get me wrong. Auto-correct dos comes in handy when one takes the extra time to backtrack on each, and every, note to assure correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical usage. But, few of us have the time to do do.

I predict that, in 2026, someone at Apoke, Samsung it one of gh other mobile device manufacturers will finally correct the auto-correct incorrectness. Or, if hurt don’t, some 22-year-old tech which will and turn around and sell his nascent technology for $3 or $4 billion to, you guessed it, Apple, Samsung or one of the other mobile manufacturers.

Until then, suck it up, fund the time yo double and tripe check everything you type and revelnin your sexual prowess.


3 thoughts on “Auto-correct needs to be auto-corrected

  1. While Apple has since cut it out…If you have an iPhone and you type lardass in a message the auto correct would offer Kardashian.