Bloody hell! The British POV on Trump’s winning the presidency (Part I)

trumpUK-660x330When I visited our London office a few months back, I asked for their thoughts on Donald Trump’s still nascent run for the presidency.

Last week, I had the pleasure to once again spend time with my British colleagues. This time, though, with Trump zeroing in on winning the Republican nomination, I probed far deeper. I wanted to know their feelings on what a Trump presidency would mean for US/UK relations and the world in general.

Since I received so many thoughtful responses from our troops, I‘ve decided to make this a three-part series that will run throughout the week.

So, here we go. Oh, and a quick note to @realdonaldtrump: Please direct your Twitter bashing at our British employees. I love you, and you love me, and the two of us both love Putin and Mexicans, and we both think Mayor DeBlasio’s an unmitigated disaster…….

What did you think about last week’s discussion in Parliament about banning Donald Trump from entering England? Justified? Absurd? Neither? Both?

  • “I was one of the half a million who signed the petition as more of a protest than an expectation of anything being done by it. I’m proud that enough people signed the petition to force the debate in parliament. Britain categorically rejects such offensive views and that we won’t be bullied by a buffoon who happens to own a couple of golf courses in our country… morality wins out over money!”
  • “Can only hope that US supporters of Trump saw the potential ban and it helped them come to their senses…“
  • “Giving him air time in Parliament is a waste of breath, particularly when there are so many MORE pressing and more important issues to be debating (Syria, immigration, leaving the EU, the world economy, hunger, food banks etc.) However, I also think refusing him entry for being an idiot (nice word) reduces us to his level (more on that below) and gives credence to his words and validity he does not deserve. “
  • “It’s justified because race hate is a real thing and he is incendiary and damaging to the harmonious relationship between Englishmen of all creeds.“
  • “It was necessary and the outcome predictable. But …wow…with the Muslim ban, immigrant ban etc. the NBC prediction that every American will be microchipped by 2017 might come true. How scary is that? “
  • “Freedom of speech is important but if we genuinely believe that his views would cause offence and public disorder then it is quite justified for there to be a discussion about his admission here.”

There’s a distinct possibility that Trump might actually win the presidency. If he does: How would it impact relations between the US and UK?

  • “Defaulting on all common sense and morality would destroy the USA’s credibility and stop many people from wanting to go there or share in the American ideal which currently is still attractive to many. Sadly it will say more about the people than the politicians. “
  • “I think it will become an extremely difficult job for the British government to handle –I find it difficult to see how they can maintain a strong relationship with the US while the British public think the US President is a madman. “
  • “Well – it would make the US an international joke of terrifying proportions. We let you get away with George W Bush, we can’t do it again! “
  • “It won’t…the British will keep their extremely stiff upper lips and be very polite. They will keep calm and carry on. After all the US is the UK’s biggest ally. Jumped up Trump will try and goose the Queen at the inevitable banquet, put a bid in for Buckingham Palace and call it The Buckingham Trump Palace Group. “
  • “It depends on his ultimate policies; the ‘special’ relationship would I think be strained and I feel sorry for any Prime Minister having to deal with him. “

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