Gunning Down Common Decency

Picture1Just when this world-weary blogger thought he’d seen everything along comes this missive from Waldorf Press:

“Grant Whittus, the lead SWAT team leader in the Columbine shooting, is embarking on a tour to promote his new book, Bullet Riddled.”

The book will be released in September and, yes, Virginia, Waldorf Press and Whitus, (pictured, left, in full battle gear, standing ready to protect the US of A) a 26-year-veteran of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in the Denver, Colorado, area are in search of sponsorship for a nationwide tour!

Date: February 22, 2016 at 11:54:07 AM EST
Subject: Pitch: Lead SWAT Team Leader to the Columbine Shooting Seeking Book Tour Sponsorship
Grant Whitus is a 26-year veteran of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office in the Denver, Colorado area and retired as a Sergeant. He served 17 years on SWAT, the last seven years as the SWAT Team Leader and is an expert in Mass Shootings and is also certified as an expert in Close Quarter Battle, which is classified as a firearms shoot-out within a close distance such as a school room.
Grant has received 16 Medals including five Medals for Valor and is the most decorated employee at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office. In 2002, Grant and his SWAT Team were honored as “Police Officers of the Year”.
Grant has been featured on: FOX NEWS, ABC News Denver, CNN, CBS News, ABC New York, FOX Business, ABC News Radio, FOX and Friends, Al Sharpton/Politics Nation, Dr. Drew Pinsky, MSNBC, The Lip TV, Law Enforcement Today, MSNBC Morning Joe, iHeart Radio, NPR, NBC Affiliates, CBS Affiliates, ABC Affiliates, FOX Affiliates, Al Jazeera TV, and The National Review, to list a few. Grant’s upcoming book “Bullet Riddled” is published by Waldorf Publishing and will be released in September 2016.
Please see attached a Power-point presentation for sponsorship. Please let me know if you have interest.
Thanks,  Barbara Terry  303-550-8186
Waldorf Publishing, 2140 Hall Johnson Road, Grapevine, Texas 76051;;

Talk about capitalizing on misery and woe. Bullet Riddled is a pre-meditated, opportunistic attack on the fear that currently permeates America and arms the hate-driven candidacies of certain politicians.

And yet, sadly, Waldorf and Whittus can get away with this oh-so-sleazy tactic Scott-free because we live in a free society (ironic, no?).

Were I to counsel Whittus on his upcoming, Bullet Riddled book tour, I’d advise him to avoid such venues as Virginia Tech, Newtown CT, Charleston SC, and, of course, San Bernardino. Something tells me neither the local press nor the grieving families will be either welcoming or willing to open their pocketbooks to pay for this drivel.

And, if Whittus is truly in need of sponsorship money, why not go directly to the Fort Knox of guns: the NRA? Hell, they’d probably provide him with a private jet fully armed with flak jackets and AR-15’s.

One final note: Let the record show I am neither advocating for the protection or elimination of the Second Amendment. But, I am calling on a nationwide boycott of sordid attempts such as Bullet Riddled that seek to do nothing more than capitalize on the horrific situation we now endure on a daily basis.

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