So, a paleontologist and velociraptor walk into a bar…

Douggie-Dinosaur-Tries-Stand-Up-ComedySo, a paleontologist and velociraptor walk into a bar…

More and more organizations of all types are recognizing the amazing ability of humor to break through to key audiences and story tell in new, and compelling, ways.

Take paleoanthropology. Please.

Ella Al-Shamani is a 31-year-old National Geographic emerging explorer, who digs for fossils in the Middle East. She also happens to perform stand-up comedy. The latter can’t be an easy task when one is rooting around inside King Tut’s tomb.

But, Ms. Al-Shamani is a young woman on a mission. She says the field of science has a very real communications problem when it comes to engaging young people, and young girls in particular. Many aren’t interested in pursuing a career in such an arcane and, some might say, dry and dusty occupation as paleoanthropology.

“I think comedy is the next stage in the evolution of how we present science,” she said.

That’s music to my ears. Give that woman a T-Rex humorous bone fossil!

Ms. Al-Shamani is just one example of an entire cohort of Millennials who grew up embracing comedy and, in many cases, obtaining their daily news from the likes of Jon Stewart.

It stands to reason that, as these Millennials begin assuming executive positions in any given field, they will harness the power and authenticity of comedy to engage new and/or heretofore difficult audiences to connect.

We’ve recognized this for years, and even have a stand-up comedy training service offering for clients.

Alas, like the dinosaurs themselves, we may have been ahead of time. Happily, though, there doesn’t seem to be any massive meteor speeding its way towards earth anytime soon.

So, wake up, corporate America and understand that the Millennial or Gen Z target you’re trying to reach absolutely adores comedy and WILL respond to your content if it strikes a chord.

That said, forget about force feeding humor on emerging decision-makers or using it to push your product or service. They’ll disregard your content quicker than a velociraptor would a hunk of inedible Brontosaurus gristle.

And a tip of the shovel to Peppercommer and resident anthropologist Abby Trexler, for suggesting this topic.

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