Beating a Dead Horse

I’m a huge proponent of lifelong learning and believe one can never learn enough about any given subject under the sun.

But, when does endless repetition of the same central guidelines undercut the stimulus-response an otherwise well-intentioned author is hoping to attain?

I call your attention to exhibit A: This recent post from

The headline reads: “10 things you must not do in an interview.”

I hate to say this, but even a high school freshman already knows such beyond-basic suggestions as:

  1. Don’t show up late
  2. Don’t act desperate
  3. Don’t be unprepared (a rather awkward phrasing to be sure).

I’ll spare you from the seven other tips but, suffice it to say, they’re beyond basic. So, when does repeating the same old, same old go from being helpful to, frankly, becoming rather insulting?

I think I speak on behalf of all potential job-seekers when I say they yearn for insights that will improve their interviewing skills and enhance their chances of landing a dream job. But, in my opinion, the material belongs in a kindergarten primer rather than on a frequently visited website. I also think it speaks volumes about their image, reputation and stab in the dark at industry leadership.

Repeating age-old mantras is the antithesis of thought leadership.

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