Finns Fastidiously Fight Fatty Foods

fatburgerkingladyI can’t speak for you but, the last time I ate at a McDonald’s or Burger King (circa 1492), I felt like taking an immediate shower. Not only does the caloric-laden crap gum up one’s arteries, it also leaves a lasting, horrific smell on body and clothing alike.

Fear not, though, the always health-conscious Finns toiling away at Burger King locations there, have cooked up a solution: They’ve added a sauna to the fast food restaurant.

That’s right, Virginia, should you decide to visit the Arctic Circle anytime soon and chow down at a BK, you need not feel guilty. Simply down your Whopper and cheese, toss off your clothes and saunter into the nearby sauna. That’s right. A sauna.

I’m not sure how long it would take to sweat out the 5000-plus calories you’ve just ingested, but what better way to feel good about yourself after indulging a habit that you know is bad for your health?

Ya gotta believe arch-rival McDonald’s won’t take this novel marketing ploy sitting down. Look for Mickey D’s to add an icy lake and steam room to their Scandinavian sites. That said, I’m not sure kids would allowed in the steam room at the same time as Ronald. It would be creepy (if not illegal). And, who wants to see Ronald McDonald behind bars (except me)?

So, towels-off to the far-sighted Finnish fast food freaks who’ve ‘localized’ their offering by paying attention to their country’s health-conscious ways.

In fact, when one thinks of the localized variations on the theme, the possibilities are as limitless as the calories one can consume at any of the fast food joints. So, keep an eye open for a sweat lodge at a Native-American McDonald’s near you.

One thought on “Finns Fastidiously Fight Fatty Foods

  1. Finns don’t have saunas to lose weight, that would be stupid. That’s not what saunas are for and everyone knows you don’t lose weight like that. Many people even enjoy having a beer in a sauna because they don’t do it for their “health”, they have saunas because they like it and it just feels good.