Making lemonade out of lemons

6_8_2016_b1fieldslgelection8201_c0-194-1600-1126_s885x516Aside from their core constituencies, the one thing most Americans can agree upon is our intense distaste for the leading president candidates.

One isn’t trusted and has the likability factor of a pit bull that’s just ripped off your calf muscle.

The other is a misogynist demagogue who has offended virtually every minority thinkable, joked about assassinating Hillary and is allegedly covering up murky, financial ties with Russia.
Unlike Hill, Trump blames all of his perceived transgressions on the “…criminal, liberal media.” Indeed, just yesterday, he threatened to take away The New York Times reporters’ press credentials. That reminds me of a certain mustachioed Austrian paper hanger who also began his rise to power by stripping away freedom of the press.

Regardless, we’re dealing with the two most disliked candidates ever.

And, yet, we’re collectively salivating at the mere prospect of these two stepping into the ring and squaring off in their three upcoming debates.

I’m betting theses bloodbaths will rival the three Ali-Frazier classics for histrionics, trash-talking and, as Ali liked to say, “some real whompings”.

So, why not redirect all of this anger towards good?

I’d make each debate a Pay-Per-View special. Charge Americans $100 per person to watch. Despite our economic woes, I’ll bet the first debate attracts at least half the country. That’s $160 trillion!

Have both candidates agree on how best that newfound money can be spent to improve America: I’d suggest improving our rotting infrastructure, but that would require Congressional approval, and we all know what happens when the Beltway gets involved. Absolutely nothing.

So, instead, why not apply the PPV proceeds directly to lessening our national debt?

As many of you know, we had NO national debt when George W. Bush entered office. His catastrophic invasion of Iraq, which historians are already calling the worst U.S. foreign blunder in American history, jump-started two endless wars, created the vacuum that Al Qaeda and ISIS have filled and destroyed our global image and reputation. Aside from that, it worked out pretty well.

“The One” did little better, merely sinking trillions and trillions of more money into the Middle East while stewarding a national debt that ballooned faster than Chris Christie did after his gastric bypass surgery.

Let’s leverage the three-debate nightmare that’s about to happen. Let’s make the debates PPV events and, allocate the proceeds to pay down our debt and put us on the road to financial solvency.

That’s how I think these two lemons can make lemonade. Thoughts? Reactions? Bueller?

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