‘Roids, Trump and Nails: What more could a baseball fan ask? (Part One)

Join Paul “Best Co-host Ever” Merchan and this blogger for two, back-to-back RepTV segments with our special guest, Wayne McDonnell (AKA “Dr. Baseball”).

In the first segment, below, we go yard to discuss everything from the precipitous rise of home runs this season (‘roids?) to the good, the bad and the ugly of Lenny Dykstra’s incendiary, new autobiography, “Tough as Nails”. It’s arguably the most revelatory book to hit MLB since Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four”. Who knew Mookie had bad breath, Davey Johnson was a drunk and Gregg Jeffries was, well, it’s not repeatable…

Part two, which will be up tomorrow, goes around-the-horn to discuss the game’s future overseas and south of the border. What’s Donald Trump’s potential impact on MLB’s plans to expand into Tijuana? Are we going to see an MLB team based in Cuba anytime soon? And will baseball ever make it back into the Olympics?

Extra innings: You cannot hit delete until you hear your co-hosts pin down Dr. Baseball for his post-season picks. Since the good doctor’s batting average is well below the Mendoza Line, he HAS to be ready to bust out with some accurate predictions. We shall see.

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