Have we come a long way, baby?

1951 reduxI’m honored to be a board trustee of the Institute for Public Relations, a member of the Arthur W. Page nominating committee and one of the 12 original founders of the PR Council.

But, let’s face it folks, while PR has made enormous strides in the 65 years since this photograph was taken (note the arrow pointing to PR’s position in the agency presentation), FAR too many client organizations still see PR as a me-too, tactical bolt-on to their strategic marketing programs, an unwanted overhead expense and the very first area to downsize in recessionary times.

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2 thoughts on “Have we come a long way, baby?

  1. Bingo. But, I’m hopeful next generation analytical tools will finally be able to end the search for the Holy Grail
    and enable us to provide a clear bottom-line ROI on PR.

  2. Unfortunately, they don’t see PR as a direct revenue generator, therefore we are disposable.