Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

rudyHave you noticed the increasingly bizarre role Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has been playing in the psychodrama otherwise known as the Trump campaign?

Forever linked to his masterly management of the Big Apple’s post-9/11 response, Rudy’s political aspirations for higher office have nonetheless been limited to a single issue: security/law & order.

And, make no mistake, Trump’s selection of Rudy to add credibility to the candidate’s anti-terrorism policies paid dividends throughout the primary process.

But, in recent weeks, as one Bill Cosby-type sexual allegation after another has sidelined, if not derailed, the Trump Express, Rudy has been wasting precious time defending Donald’s indefensible behavior. He’s gone off-message.

In fact, based upon his own personal track record, Giuliani brings about as much credibility to the predator discussion as Hugh Hefner would have as a character witness in the Gary Wendt/GE Capital divorce trial (Millennials: Please Google for additional information).

Rudy’s increasingly histrionic condemnations of the accusers and strident defense of Trump’s innocence are a colossal public relations blunder.

A solid campaign is driven by subject matter experts who can create awareness and establish credibility in multiple areas of interest to the target market with which a client wishes to engage.

It’s no longer enough for a global powerhouse to select a lead spokesperson to address macro issues. She MUST be surrounded, and supported, by other executives with expertise in everything from key vertical industries to the most arcane rule or regulation.

With Chris Christie now gridlocked by the latest Bridgegate developments, Giuliani stands alone as Trump’s lead proxy on an issue that could very well still make a dent in the undecided voter’s mind: terrorism.

And, yet, Rudy rants and raves about “false” molestation charges for 10 minutes before introducing Trump, who spends the next 45 minutes ranting and raving about the very same accusations.

When the post mortems are being held at Trump Tower on November 9th, rest assured that Rudy will take a bullet for straying off-message and missing opportunity after opportunity to drive home the ticket’s legitimate expertise on arguably THE most immediate issue of the day.

C’est la guerre.


2 thoughts on “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

  1. Pathetic cesspool of a human being.

    On the morning of 9/11/2001, Rudy’s career was on the political scrapheap. After saying the right things, he rose again as a 9/11 profiteer. His run has ended. Even the GOP thinks he is too much of a nutter. What is left except to be Trump’s Baghdad Bob? After 11/9, I bet even the Ailes-less Fox News won’t have him on.

    As for Christie, he got a summons yesterday. No wonder he doesn’t want NJ gas stations to go self-serve.