How strong is your front-line ambassador?

rosI never cease to be amazed at the mediocre (or worse) experiences I have when engaging with the receptionists of organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Those experiences tell me senior management either ignores or, worse, is ignorant of the critical role a receptionist can play in creating a positive first impression.

In some very subtle ways, your receptionist can make, or break, your organization.

We’re blessed to have an extraordinarily good receptionist by the name of Roslyn Sengo. Roslyn possesses the unique ability to effortlessly field incoming calls, forward important e-mails from potential clients and greet each, and every, visitor with the enthusiasm and respect they deserve.

In the interests of enlightening those of you who view a receptionist as a necessary overhead cost at best, I’ve asked Roslyn to share her advice on how she’s become a true asset to Peppercomm:

  • Having customer service experience is a plus. Everyone is a customer and I like to see how businesses present themselves in restaurants, retail stores, hotels etc. I take in all my experiences and use the best practices for myself at the front desk. Everyone just likes to be treated well.
  • Don’t take it personal. If people are moody, it really has nothing to do with you.
  • Be alert. Being alert is always a work in progress. Like life, you don’t know what will come at you. This also helped me to better prioritize myself and creates better flexibility overall.
  • Breathing and centering also helps me to keep balance when things are hectic.
  • Being optimistic is also a plus. I happen to be an optimist. When I do have my moody or down moments, just seeing different people often and talking to them changes my vibe and even cheers me up.

So, the next time you’re evaluating the overall experience your organization provides, DO NOT underestimate the role of the receptionist. He or she may be your least understood and most important asset in your arsenal.


3 thoughts on “How strong is your front-line ambassador?

  1. Roslyn clearly thinks about how she can contribute and make a difference at Peppercomm. She’s so right about her optimism — it just shines through every day. I’m a HUGE fan!

  2. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Chessy and cliche, BUT so important when prospects or any new client walks through any company’s door. Roslyn does the very best to shine as Peppercomm’s first representation when anyone walks out of the elevator. You hit all the right points Steve. Thank you Ros for all you do and your professionalism!

  3. Roslyn is a professional and it makes such a difference knowing that can handle things with kindness, competence and control. Thank you, Roslyn!