Peppercomm leadership weighs in on what’s ahead in 2017 – Part 2

consumerWelcome to today’s second demonstration of Peppercomm leadership’s superb prognostication skills.

Yesterday, you were treated to Jacko Kolek’s look into the financial services crystal ball.

Today will feature a rare doubleheader. In the home opener, Maggie O’Neill, our consumer group leader par excellence will provide her views for what’s just around the corner of the next shopping aisle.

The later blog, whose start time is 2:15 EST, will see Melissa. If you’re on the mound, serving up her 99 mph fastballs to readers hoping to know what’s next in the experiential ballpark.

Oddly, both have predicted Ed and I will be fired and replaced by new general managers by ground Hog Day. Time will tell.

And, now, hereeeeeeee’s Maggie.

  • Consumer trust in brands continues to decline while the consumer demand for 100% brand authenticity continues to rise. And, we are coming off a year of large established brands letting people down.  Brands need to find their unique authenticity and voice (think Shinola) and not just try to insert themselves in a place they don’t belong. And when it comes to trust – transparency, accessibly and responsibility are essential.
  • Consumer brands are picking sides in today’s Trump era.  The divided election and raised voices across the country has propelled many brands to cater towards or against the new president-elect in a much more obvious way than ever before.
  • Personalization remains king.  As we shift our marketing focus from Millennials to Gen Z, the need for brands to personalize the entire brand and product lifestyle experience will continue to grow.
  • Data and analytics are driving almost every decision and the budgets that go along with them more than ever before. An ever-more diversified consumer makes understanding your audience even more important.
  • The traditional path to purchase for most or all consumer goods does not exist anymore.  Traditional product manufacturers must look at the new journey, and learn how to reach customers at all points along it is critical.

Let us know if you agree, disagree or simply aren’t interested in Maggie’s thoughts.

Maggie will be replaced on the mound by our crack middle-reliever (and experiential expert) Melissa “Big Train” Vigue.

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