Enter at your own risk

blue-states-vs-red-2012-electFamilyBreakFinder, a travel website, recently compiled the English-language tourism slogans of more than 150 countries (Man, it must have been an especially quiet day at FBF to find the time for that assignment). Click on this link to access the full report 

Anyway, there are some really clever and funny ones as well as those that do their best to make do with what they have. To wit:

– Nepal (home of the Himalayas) “Once is not enough”

– “Remarkable Rwanda” (I’m not sure I buy that one after seeing “Hotel Rwanda)

– Syria: “Always beautiful” (No comment necessary)

– Honduras: “Everything is here” (I wonder if their definition of everything is the same as mine? I’m guessing no)

– Denmark: “The happiest place on Earth” (Also the most boring. After touring Copenhagen, there’s not much to do except to count the days until you return)

– Cape Verde: “No stress” (Probably true, but I have to believe getting to such a remote locale is beyond stressful)

All of which leads me up to the person, government agency or tourism bureau responsible for updating the good, old U.S. of A’s tourism slogan.

How’d you like to be responsible for coining the new fake news, post truth, complete lack of civility, badly divided country’s welcoming tagline?

Here are a few thoughts (but, I’d welcome yours as well):

– “Red state. Blue state. You’ll enjoy your stay. As long as you pick the right state”

– “Where the cradle of democracy has tipped over”

– “Where one-way trips are the new normal”

– “Where yesterday trumps tomorrow” (my personal favorite)

– “We’ll decide if you’re welcome”

– “Just leave us the hell alone”

– “If you liked Russia, you’ll LOVE America”

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see how the U. S. Travel & Tourism Board does alter its slogan after January 20th. It should be great. The best ever. Beautiful. Everyone loves us so why shouldn’t it be?



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