RepTV: Trump’s a one-term president, says Professor David Redlawsk

That’s right. You heard it here first.

Join my RepTV Co-Host, Paul Merchan, and me as we pressure Dr. David Redlawsk, (Chair, Department of Political Science & International Relations, University of Delaware,)  to predict the next three years in TrumpLand.

And listen closely as he explains why he thinks POTUS will throw in his 14 carat Trump-branded towel after only ONE term in office:


2 thoughts on “RepTV: Trump’s a one-term president, says Professor David Redlawsk

  1. Very interesting discussion. When I read the tea leaves, I see him resigning before his term is up I don’t see Trump as the type to look at poll numbers in early 2020 and decide he does’t have a chance. Then he comes across as looking like — as he would put it — a BIG LOSER and #FailingDonaldTrump.

    He is going to become even more politically isolated, completely unable to push through his “agenda.” He’ll blame the Deep State and Fake News for blocking him from every effort to help the “true Americans” who need it. He’ll step down to launch the Make America Great Foundation.