In Pursuit of Sweat

Performing stand-up comedy and climbing ice, rock and alpine routes have long been my remedies for escaping the stress of working in the always challenging and crazy marketing communications world.

Intense exercise in particular is my go-to drug of choice. But keeping fit and active when one is shuttered inside seven days a week can prove challenging to say the least. 

That’s why I especially enjoyed reading today’s guest blog. It’s authored by Peppercomm star (and spinning enthusiast) Simran Kumar, who is still managing to sweat bullets while staying sheltered…

Back when things were a little different, you would likely find me on my way to my weekly spin class on a regular Wednesday evening. 

I relied on those spin classes as an opportunity to take a break from everything going on around me. No matter what my mood was walking into the studio or what happened during the day, I left class with a clear head and in a better frame of mind. Elle Woods was right when she made her famous comment about endorphins in Legally Blonde.

Fast forward to mid-March when our new reality set in and all fitness studios and gyms closed in an effort to help flatten the COVID-19 curve and encourage social distancing. With no weekly spin class, I found myself wondering how I could get the same endorphin boost at home and even reached out to my go-to instructor for at home cardio tips.

In reflecting on what I loved most about spin, I realized that it wasn’t about how many miles I’d ridden or the level of resistance on the bike. It was about carving out time to do something that allowed me to take care of my mind.

As the onslaught of challenging news cycles and uncertainty of how long our new reality will last continues, I’m relying more and more on virtual fitness to help me stay positive and calm. Thanks to studios like Barry’s Bootcamp, fitness collectives like Project Sweat and brands like Lululemon, who are posting accessible at-home workouts, I’ve found ways to stay active indoors. Which in turn, boosts my focus and productivity during the day. With a single Barry’s class priced at $38 in New York City, many of these workouts are often out of reach for lower income individuals. It’s great to see them sharing so much content that’s available to everyone.

The social media gods seem to have picked up on my thirst for sweat. A coworker and I recently lamented about the increase in targeted fitness-related ads we’ve been seeing on Instagram lately. We counted one day and noticed that between the two of us, we had over 15 ads for workout programs. While targeted ads can be frustrating to see, they can potentially also serve to educate and inspire people looking to learn about new workouts.

In closing, I encourage everyone to get up and move. Whether it’s taking a 30 second push-up break between meetings, or perfecting your downward dog, keep chasing endorphins. If you are staying active, has it helped you stay calm through all of this?


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