Feb 08

A Tale of Two D’s

We’ve made a point of never forgetting the passion and pride the late Virginia Dandridge “Dandy” Stevenson brought to work every day of her many years serving as my executive assistant at Peppercomm.

In fact, this is the fourth consecutive year we’ve asked our employees to vote for a colleague who best personifies “The Danderoo’s” attributes and qualities, which include:

  • A great sense of humor
  • A never quit attitude
  • A heart of gold
  • A passion for living life to its fullest
  • Genuine pride for working at Peppercomm
  • Unflappable resilience in the midst of our uncertain times.

I’m thrilled to announce that Diandra Binney is this year’s recipient of The Dandy Stevenson Award. Diandra will receive $250 for herself and an additional $250 that she’s donating to St. Jude’s (https://www.stjude.org/give.html).

What makes this particular award so special is that many of her peers who knew Dandy believe Diandra is the reincarnation of The Danderoo. One comment in particular stands out:

“Dandy would have adored Diandra for her no nonsense, get it done attitude combined with a quirky sense of humor. Diandra is extremely caring and really concerned about the people she manages and the clients she serves. She forms really close relationships with her clients. And, just like Dandy, Diandra has two sides: direct, frank and get it done on the one hand and caring, having fun and not being afraid to laugh at herself.”

That observation is eerily similar to pretty much what anyone and everyone who came into contact with Dandy had to say about her.

I’m sure that wherever Dandy is at the moment, she is giving Diandra a well-earned and rousing round of applause (while also telling her to get back to work!).

Winning a record 13 industry awards last year was very special. So, too, was our significant top and bottom-line growth. But nothing means more to me (and to the many Peppercommers who fondly remember her time with us) than in announcing the latest recipient of The

Dandy Stevenson Award.

Well done, Diandra! Now get back to work! 😊