Nov 19

The workplace becomes hotspot for dating

Steve and Ted discuss workplace romances and the impact they have on their companies. Repchatter_logo_2

The discussion is centered on a Miami Herald article by Fred Gonzalez in which he references a survey (conducted by Glamour magazine and, no less) that reveals that 41 percent of employed Americans ages 25-40 admit to having an office romance.

Is it difficult to separate work from personal time?  Can office romances lead to poor production for companies?

Nov 06

Ted’s talking tips trigger tempest.

Steve and Ted debate the notion that talking too much during a job interview may kill your chances ofRep_logo_3
getting hired. 

The discussion is centered on a Wall Street Journal article by Joann Lublin in which she argues that talking too much during a job interview can create a poor impression and cut short the hiring manager’s time for further questions.

With the pressures of getting hired how should one prepare?  Should you come to an interview with a rehearsed script?  Or should you keep the interview free flowing? Is there a such thing as sharing too much information about yourself?

Sep 13

RepChatter #43 posted

Rep_logo_2Steve and Ted discuss the image of young pop stars and the roles they play in the reputation of affiliated networks.

The discussion is centered on pop icon Britney Spears and High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens. They both have been heavily scrutinized in the news for their recent misfortunes. Britney for her lackluster, lip singing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and Vanessa for her scandalous photos posted on the internet.

How will the actions of these young celebrities affect the reputation of their associated networks, MTV and Disney? Was MTV to blame for Britney’s debacle on stage? Can Disney afford to part ways with Vanessa, a major piece to their billion dollar franchise?


May 25

RepChatter Show #12 posted

Ted and I discuss the present state of journalism and the influence that newspaper owners have on shaping editorial content.

This discussion is centered around recent news that Brian Tierney, a former PR executive with Repchat2_6 political connections in Philadelphia, purchased the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News for $562 million.

Will Tierney, a PR guy known for his right wing political support, be tempted to meddle in the news coverage? Will his influence over two top papers in Philadelphia ultimately erode the competitive counter balance?