Sep 11

The 12th man should be cut

NFL teams like to think the home field crowd makes a big difference in determining a game’s outcome. InJets_3
fact, some teams refer to the value-add a raucous crowd provides as being the equivalent of a ’12th man’ on the squad.

The Jets are no exception. Except that their stadium fans are god-awful, and quick to pounce on mistakes by ‘Gang Green.’ Case in point: on Sunday the entire stadium booed as injured Jets Quarterback Chad Pennington hobbled off the field (this despite a 16-21 performance with two touchdown passes). They also mercilessly heckled a halftime entertainment show that included fellow fans randomly selected to attempt field goal kicks. After one particularly gruesome attempt, thousands of fans began chanting, ‘You suck.’

The Jets are a weak team with lots of needs. One thing they don’t need, however, is a disloyal stadium crowd. It’s time to ‘boot’ the long-term season ticket holders and bring in actual supporters. The Jets need to cut their 12th man.

Thanks to Repman, Jr. for the idea.