Aug 21

Amelia Earhart flies again

I’m a name freak. Interesting company, product or service names intrigue me. So do unique human

For example, I just watched a local Denver traffic report delivered by
Amelia Earhart. I kid you not.

While she may be 110-years-old, Amelia was nonetheless up in the sky, reporting traffic patterns live from a Sky 9 helicopter. She looked great, made no mention of having been MIA for 70 years and would neither confirm, nor deny, reports that World War II-era Japanese soldiers had imprisoned, raped and tortured her. Amazing stuff.

I wonder what would have possessed Amelia’s parents to saddle her with such a moniker? Did they know that one day she’d be a traffic reporter and need a memorable name? Regardless, she’s back in the sky where she belongs and all is well.

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