Mar 05

New print ad isn’t one of BMW’s finest hours

The hotshot German carmaker, BMW, is running a new print ad heralding its certified, pre-owned modelsBmw2_3
(read: used cars). The headline declares: ‘One of our finest hours, revisited.’

The copy’s obvious intent is to emphasize that a pre-owned BMW is still a great automobile, which it very well may be.

But, the copywriter clearly doesn’t have any sense of history. At the absolute height of the Battle of
Britain when Nazi bombs were raining down on London and elsewhere, Prime Minister Winston Churchill rallied his fellow Brits by proclaiming, “…if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour.””

Whether it’s ignorance or insensitivity, the BMW ad is an unnecessary image and reputation gaffe that should be rectified faster than a Nazi Panzer tank blitzkrieging its way through France in June of 1940.

Sadly, the ad copy is just another example of today’s generation having absolutely no sense of what went before.