May 12

World class networking and a chance to honor Valerie Di Maria? What more could you ask for?

May 12 - big apples Winning PRSA New York's Big Apple awards in the mid and late 1990s helped put a fledgling Peppercom on the radar screen of PR's movers and shakers. The events also helped yours truly hone my nascent networking skills.

So, when I was asked to chair the sponsorship committee for this year's event, I readily agreed despite the challenges of doing so in the worst economy in recent times. I'm happy to report we've raised quite a few bucks and that the event, set for May 21st at the Rainbow Room, should be way cool.

I'm doubly pleased that longtime buddy and erstwhile client, Valerie Di Maria, will be receiving the John W. Hill Award that night. Valerie, you see, was also instrumental in my firm's early success. It was Valerie who, as head of GE Capital's corporate communications at the time, rolled the dice and hired a very new and still relatively inexperienced Peppercom for a major branding program. It was a huge breakthrough win for us and established our street cred in a major way.

So, here's hoping you can join hundreds of other PR types in an uber networking event and pay homage to a most deserving industry leader, Valerie Di Maria. Trust me, it's a relatively small, but strategically smart, investment for you and your organization.