May 27

The ‘N’ Letter

Steve Cody wasn’t allowed through San Francisco Airport security this morning. Why? Because hisBoarding_pass
boarding pass read ‘Steve’ and his driver’s license reads ‘Steven.’ This raised all sorts of possible terrorist warnings to the crack TSA agent, who promptly sent me back to the ticket agent.

I dutifully trooped back, waited on line and explained what had just happened. The ticket agent sighed and said, “Where do they find these idiots?” She then logged onto her computer and began changing the reservation. But, lo and behold, the airline’s computer system wouldn’t allow her to do so because I was on the ‘open’ second leg of a round trip. Oh.

Now, she’s pissed. She has to grab her supervisor and explain the situation. I hear him exclaim, “You must be joking!”

Long story short, he handwrites some sort of hieroglyphics on the boarding pass and has the ticket agent personally escort me back to the surly, oh-so-vigilant TSA agent. He looks her over, looks me over, listens to her explanation and says, “I don’t like it one bit, but I’ll let him through. As for you (pointing to me),” he sniffs, “Next time you book a flight, do so with your full and correct legal name. Got it?” Got it. Yes sir. Thank you, sir. And thank you for defending our freedom and security, sir.

Gimme a break.

Apr 28

I’m leaving my heart in San Francisco

If there’s one city that consistently lives up to its image and reputation, it’s San Francisco. Sanfrancisco_2

Beyond the obvious things like the Golden Gate Bridge, the trolleys, the hills, and the cool, crisp temperatures, there’s the city’s sheer beauty. Its physical presence overwhelms me in a way that New York, Chicago, London and others never have (that is, when the fog isn’t obscuring the bay and surrounding hills).

There’s also a hint of mystery about the city. I can see why Hitchcock chose this location for so many films. San Francisco also has a whimsical way about it, what with the world’s most crooked street, Alcatraz Island and Haight-Asbury.

I’ve visited bigger, louder and more boisterous cities, but none that has the hold on me like San Francisco.

It’s nice to see that city planners are carefully controlling its growth and modernization. Because, I plan on visiting the city by the bay time and again and continue to leave my heart here in the process.