Oct 03

If it had been Auto Dealer Weekly, the typo wouldn’t be so egregious

PR Week has been promoting its upcoming ‘green’ conference with a series of e-mail blasts to the publicPr
relations community. Sadly, though, a basic grammatical mistake in the headline not only distracted me, but also undermined the event’s credibility in my mind.

Why? Because PR Week represents the entire industry and is our standard bearer to other, more mainstream journalists and industry representatives. So, when PR Week trumpets the availability of
‘on-sight’ registration, it reflects poorly on each and every one of us.

To err is human. To forgive, divine. But, since I’m about as far away from divinity as one could find, I’m having problems forgiving this gaffe. If it had happened with an auto supply or manufacturing trade pub, it would be a non-issue. But, in my opinion, PR Week needs to be held to a higher standard. Here’s hoping they find a new copy editor with better ‘sight’ soon.

Thanks to Ted "Ludacris" Birkhahn for the idea.