Jun 21

Two smart image moves

It isn’t often that one major politician makes a smart image move. Today, we can point to two.

Michael Bloomberg’s disengagement from the Republican Party makes perfect sense and positions him beautifully to become the Ross Perot of the 2008 election. Unlike his predominantly right-wing, pro-war party, Bloomberg has proven to be his own man on various issues. He’s also been a superior NYC mayor. And, his bottomless pockets ensure he’ll be able to spend and spend to support his candidacy.

Hillary Clinton’s new commercial to announce her official campaign song is outstanding in so many ways. First, it parodies the final minutes of the final Sopranos episode that has the whole country talking. More importantly, though, it’s funny. And ‘funny’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’ aren’t words that are necessarily connected very often.

So, hats off to Bloomberg and Clinton for their smart image moves. That said, my money is still on Al Gore to come out of nowhere and run away with the election.