Apr 10

Instant karma’s gonna get Chase

There's a particularly infuriating and, in my opinion, totally off-base commercial bombarding my San Francisco hotel TV set. It's from JP Morgan Chase and is intended to introduce local Chase banking to the Bay Area.

That's cool. But, they've chosen a cover version of John Lennon's 'Instant Karma' as their background music. Now, I'd defer to far more knowledgeable Beatles' experts such as Syd Steinhardt and Julie Farin, but Lennon's song was all about the brevity of life. 'We all shine on. The earth, the moon and the stars,' wrote Lennon. His lyrics underscored the brevity of life and not, unless I'm badly mistaken, a celebration of it.

Chase, though, depicts a bunch of happy-go-lucky people jogging, swimming and cavorting in a carefree way set against Lennon's ominous warning that, 'Instant karma's gonna get you.'

Maybe Chase is just setting consumers' expectations and the instant karma in this case is the credit crunch? Maybe they're suggesting yes, go ahead and invest your hard-earned money in our retail banks. But, don't blame us if it disappears overnight.

Instant karma should 'get' whatever creative team created this loser of an ad campaign.