Dec 18

Playing in the big leagues

I played in the big leagues last night. It was my first time and I hope it won’t turn out to be just a ‘quickLaughfactory_logo_2
cup of coffee’ as long-term minor league baseball players call their brief stints in the ‘bigs.’

You see, I performed 15 minutes of stand-up at the Laugh Factory. And, while I’ve probably done 25 previous gigs at other venues, this was my first one in the bigs. The Laugh Factory is the real deal, with top-of-the-line facilities, audio/video support systems, a closed circuit television system and A-level comics. In fact, the room itself reminded me more of a Vegas lounge than a Manhattan comedy club.

I did well. As well as I’ve ever done. So, I was pleased when I sat down afterwards (and my blood pressure returned to near normal levels). Then, I watched as real, professional comedians dazzled the audience. And, I was humbled (and very thankful for my day job).

Playing in the big leagues is a scary, but exhilarating, experience. I think I’ve mastered the timing and techniques, but now I know it really is all about material.

So, just like the minor league phenom who gets his shot with the major league parent club but sees how much he still needs to refine, I’m now heading back to the minors. I’ve got to learn to hit the ball out of the park before I can reasonably expect a second cup of coffee at the Laugh Factory.