Mar 20

How does ‘RepMan History Month’ sound to you?

I'm pleased to learn that March is ‘Women's History Month.’ How nice. And, how deserving. April2009-calendar1

But, it begs a question: are girls and grandmothers of historical note included in ‘Women's History Month?’ Or, do they have their own 30-day period set aside?

Is there a ‘Men's History Month? ‘Good, bad or ugly, men have made more history than women. Do they get a month? Do boys? Grandfathers? 

Is there a ‘Little People's Month?’ There should be. Ditto for seven-footers. Lots of them have made NBA history. Don't they deserve a month? 

And, what about dogs? Is there a ‘Dog's History Month?’ Lassie and Rin Tin Tin deserve one. How about cats? Mice? Aardvarks?

Who decides when a month is set aside to observe a group's accomplishments? Should they get a month as well? I'd call it the 'Month in History History Maker's Month.' 

Why do we overlook insects when we designate months of observation? According to what I've read, insects were here before we arrived and will be here long after we're gone. Shouldn't there be a 'Cockroach History Month?’ I'd tie it to peak infestation periods. August, perhaps? (And get this: The UK has a National Insect Week.)

I think this month thing has, like everything else, gotten completely out of control. There are so many special interest groups lobbying for their own, 'long overdue' recognition that I wouldn't be surprised to see Congress double or even triple the number of months in the year.  If they did, we could set aside the new, 36th month as 'The Congress Who Tripled the Size of the Calendar Month' and honor those historic legislators.

Carefully planned, launching a week or month to bring awareness to something can be a powerful way to get a message across and bring people together to discuss an issue.  However, I think we can all agree that it becomes a crutch when it's proposed without any thought behind it.  And that's how we've ended up with a month for any and every cause and group you can think of.

By the way. I've just decided to designate April as 'RepMan History Month.’ I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the best way to observe it.