Jan 15

Weather forecasts are a joke

“There they go again” as the late President Reagan might have said. Weather

Weather forecasters were doing their best throughout this past weekend to whip up a frenzy over a fast-approaching nor’easter that, they warned, would dump between four and eight inches of wet snow on Gotham.

Regular programming was interrupted as the intrepid forecasters screamed about the approaching holocaust. Supermarkets were jammed as wary shoppers stocked up on essentials necessary to ride out the storm. And, some grammar schools were already projecting two- to three-hour delayed starts Monday morning.

So, what happened? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. A little rain in the metropolitan fell in our area and there were a few sheepish ‘ah shucks’ grins on the faces of the TV weather folks this morning.

What a travesty. What other profession could get away with such a poor record? Imagine the lawsuits that would fly if, say, the average plumber, carpenter or technician was wrong 50 percent of the time? Or, if good old NJ Transit (my personal bete noir) boasted a 50 percent on-time arrival rate? Even lawyers, airlines and used car salesmen do a better job than weather forecasters. And, yet, these charlatans have become media icons.

Something’s amiss with a society that not only looks the other way at continuous incompetence, but actually rewards it. I’d suggest some solutions, but what if I’m wrong?