Apr 07

The best professional development decision I’ve ever made

I'm often stopped on the street by complete strangers who, after requesting spare change, ask me the best professional development decision I've ever made.

April 7 'That's easy,' I reply, as I jiggle some quarters in my pocket. 'It has to be joining the PRSA Counselors Academy.'

I joined the Academy in the early 1990s at the suggestion of Mitch Kozikowski, one of the real mentors in my career. Mitch told me I'd learn a lot, meet great people and have a good time doing both. Man, was he ever right.

So, when the more dubious street people ask for proof points to back up my Counselors Academy retort, I jiggle my change a little harder and say:

– Scores of new ideas and better ways to manage my business
– Hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business either through referrals or from erstwhile Counselors who went to the client side and hired Peppercom
– Countless friendships with great people from all around the country

A Counselors Academy membership is the gift that keeps on giving. That's why you should consider either joining, attending the upcoming Spring Conference, or both. In addition to making you a better public relations counselor, it'll add a whole new dimension to your discussions with panhandlers.