Nov 14

Hey, did you hear about this way harsh Chicago PR firm that, like, fires people for gossiping?

Yeah, so anyway, get this: some Chicago PR firm has fired three of its workers for spreading gossip andGossip_2
now enforces a strict no-gossip rule at all times. Seriously, it seems the head guy didn’t like the backbiting and rumor mongering going on at his firm and, like, whacked the three biggest gossips. Seems way drastic, no? I mean, god, I’d be afraid to say anything about anyone. Like forever.

Also, how did the CEO know who the actual gossipers were? And, like how does he know someone isn’t, like, spreading malicious lies about someone else being a gossip? Like how does this dude know the point of origin? And, what’s with the pink slip? Like, wow, whacking people for talking behind other people’s backs? That’s almost anti-American. Jefferson and Adams constantly planted rumors and spread gossip about one another. So did Lincoln and Douglas. Even our boy W. had his storm troopers spreading all those nasty Swift Boat rumors about poor old John Kerry. Gossiping is as American as apple pie and baseball.

So, like, wow, where does the gossip rule start and where does it end? Will this PR firm also fire any vendors it thinks are gossiping behind its back? And, suppose the CEO caught himself making fun of one worker’s habitually bad breath? Would he fire himself?

Like, wow, I’m thinking this firing thing might just be a tad too harsh and a tad too self-centered. Like, ok, if you want to do it, do it. But why gossip about it?