May 27

Back to being a Brooks Bros. buyer

May 27 - brooks_brothers_ci I'm back. Not that the fine folks at Brooks Brothers were ever aware I was gone. But, I was. I disappeared for about two decades.

I began my business career with Brooks. I can still recall my first boss's advice to '…..ditch that tan polyester number and get thee to a Brooks store.' I followed his advice and, like every other male staffer at Hill & Knowlton in the late 1970s, proudly donned my conservative, conformist blue and gray Brooks' suits every single day.

But, times changed and so did I. I moved up the fashion ladder to trendier American brands. Then, sometime in the late 1980s, I discovered Armani, Gucci and Zegna. I saw Brooks as a snobby, stultifying vestige of the past, especially when the uber informal, go-go dotcom days dawned.

In the past few years, though, Brooks has re-surfaced on my fashion radar screen. I still buy Zegna suits and jackets, but now I go to Brooks exclusively for my sweaters and golf shirts. I love their amazing range of colors and, for some odd reason, really dig sporting their corporate logo (it's almost the anti-Polo which, to me, has become passé).

Don't ask me why, but Brooks is back and this buyer's buying. Life may or may not be a circle, but I've come full circle with a brand that is once again a must-buy.