Aug 28

Christ should charge a commission

Jesus Christ should receive a commission from all the celebs and sports figures who have invoked HisChrist
name, asked His forgiveness and/or turned their lives over to Him.

Michael Vick is just the latest fallen superstar to have miraculously ‘found’ Christ amidst the rubble of rack and ruin.

Sadly, Christ has become part of a formulaic crisis response plan being implemented by the PR firms and publicists of Messrs. Vick, Gibson and others.

Rather than placing himself in the hands of the Lord, though, Vick would be better served by donating a significant sum of money to animal rights.

Hiding behind the Good Shepherd’s robe may be smart image counseling, but it’s been tried one too many times in recent years to ring true.

As the bible says, ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.’ In Vick’s case, the lord, in the person of NFL Commissioner Goodell, has clearly taketh away and, all the contrition in the world won’t get it back anytime soon for Brother Vick."

Vick also told courthouse gatherers that his dog-fighting dilettantism was "immature," and he has some growing up to do. Indeed. Part of growing up is learning to say "sorry," but that’s a word you won’t often find in defense lawyers’ vocab list. On the other hand, as the Christlike Vick must surely know, the bible mentions contrition in a few thousand places.

Aug 27

Vick case has ‘Sharpton opportunity’ written all over it

About 100 people turned out at Michael Vick’s Richmond, Va., hearing this morning to support the NFLVick_2
superstar and self-admitted dogfighting thug, Michael Vick.

It’s sad to see a hard-core following continue to support a bad, bad guy who confessed to animal abuse, torture and murder. Not to mention illegal gambling and, possibly, drug trafficking.

And, what’s with the race card angle? Is the Vick saga merely an updated OJ Simpson deal where a predominantly black jury decided to ‘stick it to the man?’ Are there really societal elements who believe in Mike Vick, regardless of his transgressions? And, if there is, might the Rev. Al Sharpton be waiting in the wings to capitalize on the opportunity?

It seems to me the lines between what used to be ‘right’ and what used to be ‘wrong’ are blurring rapidly.

Michael Vick pled guilty today and will be sentenced on December 10th. In the interim, watch his supporters launch one subterfuge after another to muddy the facts and to, some how, some way, position Vick as the victim of a racist society. One can only hope the judge doesn’t cave to the pressure.

If those poor dogs could testify, Vick’s fans just might change their minds (and, perhaps, see Vick for the criminal he is).