Apr 29

Girth of a nation

The mainstream media has been laden with stories about America’s losing fight against obesity. EachAmbulance
year, it seems more and more Americans fall behind in their personal battle of the bulge.

By now, everyone knows about the various side effects of our super-sized population (i.e. Heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

But, what had escaped my notice until recently, were the various cottage industries that have sprung up to ‘support’ our country’s weighty issue. 

One such example is a new generation of super-sized ambulance equipment. Fire, rescue and first aid departments around the country are investing in stretchers and gurneys that can accommodate patients who now routinely weigh up to 600 pounds and more.

A friend of mine, who is a volunteer fireman, can attest to the need for these extra-strength units. He told me he and his fellow volunteers are becoming increasingly worried about injuring themselves and their patients because of the latter’s obesity.

How sad is it that American ingenuity can provide a ready-made solution to transporting increasing numbers of morbidly obese citizens, but still be unable to solve obesity’s root causes?

America’s falling behind in every conceivable global competitiveness measure except, perhaps, in inventing new widgets to deal with our self-destructive wantonness. It’s enough to make a blogger say, ‘Hey, ‘weight’ a minute. Has anyone in a position of power noticed that our dollar has shrunk in inverse proportion to our expanding waistlines?

Mar 13

DI*T Ads are DU*B

Weight Watchers is running a god-awful advertising campaign in which they purposely leave out the letterDiet
‘e’ in the word ‘diet.’ The shelter ads I’ve seen feature huge orange posters blasting out the four-letter word minus, of course, the letter e.

I know advertising is desperately trying to break through the clutter and capture the average consumer’s attention, but gimme a break. Obfuscation isn’t the solution. In fact, confusing me doesn’t ‘involve’ me more in the advertisement, or make some sort of visceral connection. It only pisses me off.

I’m not a Weight Watcher’s candidate but, if I were, this particular campaign would drive me straight into the waiting (weighting?) arms of, say, Valerie Bertinelli or Kirstie Alley.

This is a DU*B ad, Weight Watchers. Lo*e it, pronto!