Return of the Mack

Mack the knife is back in the saddle at Morgan Stanley after Phil Purcells’ passion play finally came to a bloody conclusion. Mack, the former CEO, has a Herculean task on his hands to begin repairing Morgan Stanley’s tarnsihed image. He needs to first settle organizational fratricide. But, then he quickly needs to assure clients and the Street that the house is back in order. How? By initiating new policies focused solely on delighting the client. Convince the skeptics that the internecine warfare has ended and that the business of Morgan’s business will be laser-focused on client service. Communicate some current case studies of delighted clients. Showcase new and former Morgan employees extolling their single-minded focus. The sooner Mack starts to act, the sooner Morgan’s listing ship will right itself and begin sailing through smoother waters.

One thought on “Return of the Mack

  1. Phil Purcell…it’s about time…I love to see those Notre Dame guys fall on their face. Hey Phil, wait till USC beats you by 50.