I’ll take Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island, too. Oh, and throw in some NYC-branded condoms to go

Just when one thinks he’s seen and heard everything comes news that the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is "…currently developing the first NYC-branded condom."

The department spokesperson says the branding effort was created so they "…can later track the effectiveness of our distribution."

The announcement obviously ticked off the more conservative elements of New York society such as religious institutions and social conservatives because, they say, it promotes "certain lifestyles."

As far I’m concerned, though, this is an absolutely brilliant branding strategy by the City, and fits in beautifully with the way in which they’ve merchandised NYC police and fire department merchandise.

I have no doubt the condoms will become incredibly popular and generate significant revenue for the City’s coffers.

I have to believe the hoards of tourists visiting the City will snap up the branded condoms in bushel loads. And, I can just imagine the conversation. "C’mon Fred. We have to buy a six pack for the gang back home in Omaha. Just imagine Marge’s reaction when I give her a NYC-branded condom."

Beautiful. Just beautiful. And, it could only happen in New York….

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