Better late than never

Bausch & Lomb is doing everything right in handling its contact lens crisis. Despite accusations from the FDA that they were late to pull their product from the shelves, B&L is now in full crisis communications mode. Unlike its peers atRenu Sanofi-Aventis who have snoozed through their Ambien crisis, B&L is actually listening to the marketplace and doing some smart communications work. In addition to recalling its products, it’s launched an aggressive consumer education campaign featuring Ron Zarrella, the CEO.

The effort portrays B&L as a caring, compassionate corporate citizen. By enlisting Zarrella as lead spokesperson, it also demonstrates how seriously the company views the product flaws. And, by recalling the product, Bausch & Lomb is emulating the crisis gold standard, Johnson & Johnson, and its handling of the Tylenol crisis.

B&L has put its money where its mouth is. It’s doing all the right things. Let’s hope some of its big pharma peers take note and follow suit soon.

2 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. Screw this company — from a pissed off consumer. I was actually using this product for 3 weeks and my eyes kept burning and itching. Thank God I threw it out and picked up something else. But, my trust and faith is now gone in any B&L product.
    Also, the FDA just blamed them for not reporting the crisis early enough. The company supposedly waited 30 days…not sure if that can be called doing everything right.