When in doubt, blame it on Ambien

When Congressman Patrick Kennedy placed the blame for his reckless Beltway driving the other night on Ambien, it opened the floodgates for the media to send out reporters and find other "people in the street" to agree with the Rhode Island politician that Ambien could indeed have been the cause of the latest Kennedy Family disaster.

As Kennedy and the media were pointing the finger at Ambien, its maker, good old Sanofi-Aventis,Sanofi_aventis  continued its version of communications sleep-walking, issuing a statement that reactions like Kennedy’s only occurred in the rarest of cases.

Sanofi’s "Sounds of Silence" campaign is exactly the wrong public relations tact to take. By doing so, they allow others to frame the debate. There are many things the drug company can, and should, be doing in its defense, the first of which would be to name an independent, blue-ribbon panel to investigate Ambien more thoroughly (hey, Kennedy could be named to the panel. How’s that for "keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer"?). Assuming the drug is proven to cause problems, taking a proactive, concerned approach now will help Sanofi-Aventis in the long run.

The longer Sanofi waits, the more we’ll see people start to use it as an excuse for binge eating, reckless driving and god knows what else. It may even replace the old "my dog ate my homework" bromide. And, high-profile cases like Kennedy’s will only provide more fodder for the media to crucify the company and its drug. So, I’m leaving a corporate communications wake-up call for Sanofi-Aventis. Guys: it’s later than you think.

One thought on “When in doubt, blame it on Ambien

  1. Didn’t the police report on Kennedy’s mishap include speeding, swerving, having his head-lights off, poor balance when exiting the vehicle and bloodshot eyes? And of course, the crash itself.
    If the police had done their jobs correctly, we might have known whether or not this was another DUI by the famed clan.
    My bet is that what it was, and thus not just impaired driving due to taking a prescibed medicine (that probably advises against driving when taking it).
    To the Mayo clinic! Send the rest of ’em, too!